What criteria did we need to meets to achieve the "Plastic-Free Coastline" accredition from SAS?
  1. Local Governance

    Local Council (County, Town, Parish or Community) passes a resolution to support Plastic Free Coastlines, committing to plastic free alternatives and supporting plastic free initiatives within the constituency.

    What we achieved....

    On the 19th June 2018, North Ayrshire Council passed a resolution to become a "Plastic-Free Council" by 2022. You can see the resolution here. The resolution includes support for TAP and its initiatives.

  2. Resistance Hubs: Local Businesses

    At least three single-use plastic items removed from local businesses and retailers; replaced with sustainable alternatives.

    The results....

    Arran businesses are passionate about reducing our plastic footprint. More and more and publicising their efforts by qualifying for the TAP Plastic-Free Business accreditation.

    See the full list here:

    Arran "Plastic-Free Businesses"

  3. Plastic Free Allies

    This objective provides the opportunity to gain widespread community support for Plastic Free Coastlines, spreading the Plastic Free message and establishing the call to arms against Wasteland.
    Targets are suggested and will be judged on an individual application basis. The more evidence provided of Plastic Free Coastlines being adopted by the local community, the increased effectiveness of Plastic Free Coastlines.

    The results....

    There is a strong environmental sentiment on the island with many groups who are "Plastic Free Allies". They include:

    Many allies helped TAP to achieve the SAS "Plastic-Free Community" status for Arran. Click the link below to see a full list of current allies.

    See the full list of TAP Allies

  4. On The Ground Action - Plastic Free Rallies

    At least two local community events arranged and made open for all to attend, in one calendar year.

    What we achieved....

    The Great British Beach Clean TAP Arran was the main point of contact for the Marine Conservation Society during the Great British Beach Clean and facilitated all communiction between the MCS and the local organisations staging beach cleans across the island.

    In addition to the above, TAP organised the following beach cleans as part of the Great British Beach Clean:

    • Kildonan Beach Clean - Friday 14 September, 2018
    • Brodick Beach Clean - Saturday 15 September, 2018
    • Pirnmill Beach Clean - Monday, 17 September, 2018
    • Kilmory Beach Clean - Monday, 17 September, 2018
    • Blackwaterfoot Beach Clean - Sunday, 23 September, 2018

    Illustrated talk: Tackling Plastic Pollution in Scotland’s Seas and Using Arran’s Beaches Safely. On Friday 14th September at Lamlash Church Hall TAP arranged two talks: Tackling Plastic Pollution in Scotland’s Seas was an illustrated talk from Tara Proud of the Marine Conservation Society. Using Arran’s Beaches Safely was given by Fioan Lang of the Arran Coastguard.

    Film: Albatros On Saturday 23 June 2018 we arranged a showing of the heart-wrenching film at the Arran Community Theatre in Lamlash.

  5. Local Resistance Strategic Groups

    Local group of stakeholders to meet at least once per year to discuss the progress of Plastic Free Coastlines locally; agreeing and setting direction, meeting objectives, and completing application for official Plastic Free Coastlines status.

    The results....

    The TAP Steering Committee meets every two to four weeks to review progress and to plan projects and intiatives.

    Achievements so far include:

    • Offiial recognition from North Ayrshire Council
    • Supporting and facilitation the Great British Beach Clean on Arran
    • Establishment of the a website and Facebook page
    • Establish of the Friends of TAP