Why plastic?

Convenient at the time, throwaway plastics are used for a matter of minutes, but last a lifetime in the marine environment, causing death and destruction to all that resides there. With parts of the ocean now holding more plastic than plankton, our entire ecosystem is under threat. Losing food, recreation and the oxygen giving qualities of the ocean will impact every single one of us.

What can we do?

Things we can all do every day

Start ticking off your Individual Action Plan and boycott throwaway plastics. Making simple changes to the way you live not only improves our environment but can also save you money!

Remember your refillable water bottle
Take a reusable coffee cup and refuse single-use take away cups
Refuse single-use packaging
Resist a straw; straws suck
Refuse a single-use plastic bag and take your own
Instead of plastic cutlery, take your own cutlery or use sustainable alternatives
Avoid single-use plastics in the bathroom
Refuse single-use condiment sachets
Do your own #MiniBeachClean Grab a handful of plastic pollution every time you visit your beach

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