At TAP we work with local businesses and organisations to help them reduce their use of single-use plastic.

We have created the TAP Accrediation scheme to recognise the work they have done and also to allow you to support businesses and organisations which are making a difference.

What is TAP Accreditation

TAP works with Arran businesses and organisations to reduce the plastic useage and to help them spread the message. After having verified their actions we award either a Gold or a Silver accreditation. By working with these businsses and organistions you can be confident that you are supporting aims to reduce plastic pollution.

Their are two paths to acheiving TAP accreditation

Group 1 - Reducing Plastic Usage

Reducing the use of plastic or taking steps to avoid plastic in the first place.

Group 2 - Raising Awareness

Encouraging others to reduce their use of single-use plastic and publicising the TAP message.

What are the different levels of accreditation

Silver Accreditation

To gain accreditation at SILVER level applicants demonstrate steps they have taken steps to achieve 6 actions from either Group 1 OR Group 2

Gold Accreditation

To gain accreditation at GOLD Level and become a TAP Partner applicants demonstrate 12 actions across both Groups 1 and Group 2 (i.e. a minimum of 6 from each group).

Accredited Businesses, Organisations and Groups

Gold Accreditation

Silver Accreditation