TAP is working with NAC to achieve "Plastic Free" status

North Ayrshire Council is aiming to achieve "Plastic Free" status and TAP is one of the main parts of this objective.

We are also working towards achieving the SAS "Plastic-Free Coastline" accreditation for Arran. Have a look to see what we need to do and how we're doing so far.

  1. Our Goal

    Our goal is for Arran's coastline to be plastic free. We will start by aiming to achieve the Plastic Free Coastline accreditation from SAS.
  2. What you can do?

    There are so many little things that each of us can do every day. We have a list of suggestions here.
  3. Get in touch

    Would you like get in touch? Just drop us an email at info@thinkaboutplastic-arran.co.uk
  4. A Work In Progress

    This website is a work in progress. If you visit us regularly you will see a lot on changes and expansion over the next few weeks. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or anything else, just drop us an email.